Anh Quang
For those who love the landscapes of Hanoi, the works of emerging artist Anh Quang will no doubt leave a lasting impression.

Anh Quang was not born in Hanoi but he has taken Hanoi as his muse. His time spent studying in Hanoi has given this artist an intimate feeling with the narrow alleys ,with green moss roofed houses, with rows of trees and also with the flavour of the wind and land.

His free use of colour and the strength of his brushstrokes attract the viewer’s eyes. Looking at his paintings, one can find that the artist pays a lot of attention to the light and colour as well as detail of the alleys, the streets, the lakes and the ponds. Some scenes are immersed in vibrant green giving a sense of the cool, spring mornings of Hanoi. Others are bursting with the heat of red alluding to summer and autumn afternoons.

The images bring a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. Anh Quang’s oil, striking use of brilliant colours is indicative of his love for life. For Anh, art can purify the soul of the viewers and for himself it provides an outlet for his love for art and life.